Release Thread for the week of 2/16/24

Week of 2/16/24 - 4 Releases - 24 commits

Operational Notes:

This week had an increase in cycles spent in relation to bug discovery during release testing. Details of the blockers discovered and fixed can be found in the release threads in Discord.

We officially removed Email login for old mobile users. Support has not seen an increase in tickets as a result yet.

Much work was done in better handling of Zerion API calls to decrease additional spend.

FOXy deposits disabled currently due to Tokemak upgrade delays.

The Ledger bug from last week resulted in the following updates to testing process: Sanity check wallet connections of Native, MetaMask, and Ledger in Prod after every release is deployed to Prod.

1/24 COE Ops Prod Issue updates - Google Docs - Prod Issues updates. ← Introduced more specific definitions and refined details. Added high risk suspicious activity section. Last calls for feedback before publishing.


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Product is revising the partnership flow and as a result sharing canny “/don’tdothis” post. All of this will tie back to the excellent knowledge base we’re building out and smooth out contributions.

TMDC voted to do aggressive pricing for LP when it launches, they committed to monitoring deposits weekly and adjusting if we get feedback from the market. Find the decision notes here . product will be using it’s research queries to have a smol dash monitoring performance outside of mixpanel. If not deposit or people yell, params dial back.


FOXy deposits are now sunset, this is primarily because we saw a couple users apeing into the contract after the Thorfox proposal. We will not be using a rebasing contract for pro-rata calculations.

You can always withdraw! Stuck funds bad.

We discovered that COWswap is basically free for now, more news on that next week. Use all you want frens. :ghost:

specs in progress

> for anyone reading: if you could see your pair in USD as an addition to the coin prices would that be helpful?

Other feature process:

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