How to link legacy forum history to your Metaforo account

Welcome foxes to our new forum! Follow these instructions to link your history (posts, likes, etc.) from the old forum to your new Metaforo account.

Click Connect

  1. in the top right corner (or your name -> my profile if you're already signed in)


  1. Email
  2. Enter the same email address that you used to sign into the previous forum
  3. Confirm your email address to create a new Metaforo account
  4. Complete your new profile, and then sign in to your account with the password you just created

That’s it! All of your history from the old forum will be linked with your new account. If you’d like, you can also connect your ethereum wallet and Discord account

  1. here

(optional) Download the Metaforo app for iOS

  1. . Android app is currently in review

For background on why we’ve migrated to Metaforo, check out [SCP-101] Migrate Forum and Ideation to Metaforo.

Get familiar with Metaforo with this 2-minute walkthrough video from their team

Report issues and request features from Metaforo

Gm, make yourself at home :fox_face::house: