Link voting wallet address to forum handle for reputation

We are building a reputation system for DAO contributors at Karma. As part of that, we have built a Karma reputation dashboard to rank Shapeshift governance participants based on their activity in snapshot, on-chain voting and forum activity.

To see full reputation, governance participants have to link their forum handle/username to their wallet used for voting. This will help us show all your activity in one place and also boost your karma reputation score. We would like to use this Topic for governance participants to sign a message using their wallet and post it here so we can link.

If you are interested in seeing all your activity, please link your forum handle to your wallet on Karma dashboard. Here is the video showing how to link your wallet address and forum handle: How to guide

Interesting idea. I wouldnt want to do it myself. (tie my email to my address) but some might. Looking at the site, 1) not having to ‘connect’ my wallet is primary. (at least to look around) and 2) i liked that x address shows all the different DAO’s that address is in.

Obviously concerned about security and privacy however. for anyone checking into this, i use sandbox software to check all links.

Verifying my forum identity for shapeshift governance addr: 0x05A1ff0a32bc24265BCB39499d0c5D9A6cb2011c sig: 0xc8913d72d504214ac5c158b66cc300d29683fcbf6c36a8d06426c3977f55c72c0bb6031b69a4cb4ce9d1ea73877dd46601dc49b3d134525ef4c59d44637344cf1c #shapeshiftgovernance