LatAm Labs Presentation & 1st Monthly Report - 12/16/2021

Hi there!

I know the month has gone, we are approaching the end of it.

Everything started on November 20th when me and was discussing some horizons for Latin America operations, we understand the need of a Latin American representation through the sense of urgency of those who cherish the DAO. Connecting his experience + Information & Globalization Workstream, we went to places.

So, we started with $300 in an extremely specialized Bounty Program and the result of that was over an hour of reading 10k words, with all this PT-BR curated content we decided to publish everything into multiple social blockchains.

Well, as you can see everything evolved very quickly and counting 110% with support we moved forward to a next stage: LatAm Labs were funded in $2.000 USD and it’s was started on November, 20.

If you’re curious about LatAm Info, KPI’s and roadmap, check our Team Notion and feel free to reach me on DM in case of any doubt.

LatAm Project Office

LatAm Higher Lvl KPI’s

We established a team in order to handle with a full month, alonside KPI’s (check all useful links above). Anyway, I’m VERY proud to present our Team. Yes, we worked hard this month and we are so bullish!

THIS TEAM ROCKS! Check our accomplished Milestones by LatAm team through 20Nov-now:

As i said, we are closing our month, in order to provide clarification to the entire community check our entire Monthly Budget:

All of the above information is public and can be found in our team environment, on Notion

I hope to post more reports and detailed information about this special project that is curated 24/7 by those mentioned bellow.

To all LatAm Builders,

You guys are a fantastic team, without your efforts and hard work we would not be present in Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia and Spain!

Once again, congratulations for the work done, we are closing our entire month in four days.

Kind regards,



Thank you for providing this report and being transparent to the community. You are all doing an amazing job and huge props to you and for establishing this presence in Latin America. I know how important it was for ShapeShift to conquer this part of the world and you have done it. I cannot wait to see what you guys accomplish in the new year considering this is what you have done in only one month.

Go LaTam Labs! :partying_face:

Thank you, Arina and Hunt.

Here I am with hot news 1f525

We had a special place on Bankless BR DAO yesterday! There was a Live from beginner to advanced stage, from teaching how to use MetaMask to Olympus DAO. Of course ShapeShift was not left out!

Awesome description, ty

here is the live link, which happened yesterday (12/16/2021) on Youtube:

I want to thank the entire Bankless BR DAO team for reinforcing our last LatAm sprint.

Let’s DAO it.