LatAm Monthly Report - 03/27/2022

We’re always sailing!

After a very busy month in Rio, our LatAm FOXes are back in full swing! No doubts, Ethereum Rio was a success! We were featured and had speeches on the main stage, we established many contacts, and as mentioned earlier, it was an opportunity to recognize territory and make it clear that ShapeShift is 100% established in Brazil. Latam have established contact with several potential partners that we hope to connect with the Growth WS leadership aiming future proposals/integrations.

Latam’s public weekly sprints takes place every Monday at 4 pm (Miami) in Growth’s public rooms.

None of this would be possible without the community’s recognition of ShapeShift, its essence, builders and members. Thanks to the ShapeShift’s history and its founders! I would like to thank in particular all the FOXes who were present in Rio: Vlad, Edvam, Vasconsa, Victor, Bia… This achievement is also yours! Big props and thanks to for all the remote/motivational support and incentives during the event and preparation stages.

I’m sure the ground is solid now, we will continue to spread the word and DAOnizing Latin America.

This Latam report brings the best moments of ETH Rio and updated social insights. Let’s go together?

ETH Rio highlights:

We’ve picked the main tweets so you can stay up to date on everything that happened at ETH Rio!

Video recap

Um pouquinho de nossas aventuras no @EthereumRio para vocês :heart::fox_face::brazil:

Quer conhecer nossa comunidade? Chega mais no e vamos interagir!

— FOX no Brasil :brazil: (@ShapeShiftDAOBR) March 20, 2022

Badass POAP

That @poapxyz for @EthereumRio is :fire:

— ShapeShift :fox_face: (@ShapeShift_io) March 10, 2022

Rariest card in Rio

At @EthereumRio? We hear if you get one of these ShapeShift cards - there is a $FOX #airdrop included :eyes: :exploding_head:

— ShapeShift :fox_face: (@ShapeShift_io) March 13, 2022

Yes, we are real!

Sim, estamos aqui no @EthereumRio!!

Localize-nos e vamos interagir!

— FOX no Brasil :brazil: (@ShapeShiftDAOBR) March 14, 2022

Bob Burnquist becoming a FOX!

Great to see the @ShapeShiftDAOBR team having a blast at @EthereumRio with @bobburnquist - Cool card Bob :fox_face: :heart: :skateboard:

— ShapeShift :fox_face: (@ShapeShift_io) March 14, 2022

FOX merchan

At @ethereumrio? Don’t miss out on some badass ShapeShift #DAO #merch :sunglasses: :fox_face:

— ShapeShift :fox_face: (@ShapeShift_io) March 15, 2022

TheSmith at Main Stage

GM $FOX Fam & Bom dia #EthereumRio2022 :sunrise:

Our very own @akathesmith is speaking today at 12:40PM EST (Miami) on the Main Stage :star_struck: :rocket:

Watch @EthereumRio live:

— ShapeShift :fox_face: (@ShapeShift_io) March 16, 2022

Watch here: Twitch

LatAm’s Social Insights


Our Brazilian Twitter continues to grow organically, despite the shy number of followers (still maintaining a good rate of conversions), we have a loyal and engaged audience. Our next step is to explore Twitter Spaces.

The fancy foxbrasil.eth ENS has attracted more followers and we’ve been getting feedback from the community, we recently caught the attention of relevant people on’s Discord. With a fluid read and minimalist UX, Mirror delivers everything needed for avid DeFi readers

Visit us! FOX no Brasil

In addition to articles being published on Mainnet, this page consists in a newsletter with 3 articles per week

Mirror’s articles are powered by , the LatAm copywriter.


One if the main pilars of the Brazilian ShapeShift community. We continue to receive support from members of that community and have an established channel on Odysee’s Discord server, which gathers around 80 members so far. Odysee’s Discord experienced a huge growth, reaching 12k members on last months.

Some FOXes are admins on Odysee’s server, so everyone is welcome!

Odysee & ShapeShift Room (PT-BR): Odysee

Odysee’s Latam channel (ES) is one of our big stars, counting with a massive audience for a Web3 network: 329 followers and good community reception, reaching 1.7k views in a single article.

Our growth at Odysee is 100% organic!

Hive Chain

Another exponential organic growth promoted by Latam, Hive metrics are onchain so we are always looking for data using native dapps and blockexplorer analysis:

Here’s a chart that can translate some onchain metrics on Spanish page:

Speaking about monetization, another cool insight from Spanish page is: it escalated from $0 to $171.

is responsible for this Web3 social and have been doing a great job managing SSDAO spanish page on Hive Chain.

Community Meetings

Large groups are spotted on our discord, this leads us to yet another community engagement strategy, we carefully distribute POAPs to people who engage in our call. Members collection’s are increasing and the rarity proposal and presence is becoming reality.

Community Calls POAP master is none other than , he has been minting amazing POAPs and the audience is loving it!

We measure user interest and meet to define hot and relevant agendas, as well as moments about governance and DAO’s proposals.

On the Spanish side, conducts the meetings masterfully and is always looking for new guests to bring on the stage, in addition to being responsible for starting our incursion into Mexico.

is truly a Global FOX Community Ambassador, he also speaked at 1HIVEtv Radio about ShapeShift DAO beside the Genesis contributor .

Metaverse Incursion

It’s all very new, but we need to keep up to date.

There are talented Brazilian developers aiming to create web3 solutions, during our adventure at ETH Rio we met players in this segment with a strong community bias. Let’s dive into this discipline to understand the application and need, for now, we are enjoying the experience! Maybe a community call inside the metaverse? Time and experience will tell.

is expansive and brings borderless innovations to Latam and always enlighten Latam’s path with his bright ideas, after all, he’s the Latam’s metaverse builder.

In order to reinforce the metaverse concept in Brazil we will talk about it together to a local university in a few days!

Up Next

  • Optimize the latam’s notion page
  • Focus on audiovisual bounties
  • Activate solid networking made at ETH Rio aiming succesful partnerships
  • Foster the Crypto events circuit in Brazil intending to expand activities across Latin America - Mexico
  • Explore new ways and languages ​​to interact and engage our community
  • Keep Twitter and Web3 growth strategy

Kind regards,


Super nice!

Good job summoning this great event! = )

Best sprint ever XD

So glad to be part of it!

Great job, done by each and every one of the members of LatAm, I am proud to belong to this solid team! :fox_face: Shapeshift LatAm :1st_place_medal: