Proposal discussion direction

Sorry, we are experimenting with how best to discuss various proposals etc.

Currently we discuss in discord (governance/ active proposal or proposal discussion ) I recently made Discord forum section _ Proposal Discussions, and i am opening a Thread for each proposal. seems to be working from the Proposal side, easy to see etc.

However, another idea that i like. Snapshot bot, (tested) will post a new Active proposal (and ideation) into channel. then we add a Thread in that same channel. (i think it might work?)

and we can just discuss right there. (tho if there are 10 active proposals started at once, it might be difficult to find the thread? we should see soon)

So, Discussion/proposal Flow:

Discord chat.

Ideation would move to Forum (atm its both forum and snapshot ideation vote)

Snapshot for official vote.


Sorry, what are you sorry for? grin

I like the idea of creating a thread for each active proposal in Discord, and have seen this work well in other servers.

I’m not sure we need to remove the requirement to post the Incubation post in the forum, but not strongly opposed. Alternatively, we could leave the requirement to post in the forum and add a step to create a thread alongside each new incubation post. Could require linking to the forum post from the thread (and updating a pinned message in the thread with links for ideation and proposal) as well as linking to the thread from the forum post(s).

Well, sorry that we are experimenting, and its causing confusion :slight_smile:

I am not suggesting we change the method of how/when for ideation. (atm its FORUM. however, we are doing snapshot until something is finished i believe)

Did you get a chance to look at the Discord Forum setup? (i like how clean those look, and how easy it is to find subject)

-however, the snapshot bot, posting auto magically, and if someone makes a thread right away… that might work just as well…(or better/worse) wont really know til we try em all out.

I wasn’t suggesting we change Ideation either; I thought you were recommending we move Incubation from the Forum to Discord, and wanted to say that I think both forum & discord makes sense, at least as the next step.

The Discord Forum setup is very nice too; I’d be cool with using that instead of threads. The one drawback i see with Discord Forum vs Threads is that currently only 3 topics will be displayed in the sidebar for the Forum whereas Threads will display all of the active proposals. Another tradeoff is that threads auto-archive after 1 week of inactivity whereas the forum posts remain indefinitely, but I think indefinite is better than auto-archiving.


if you enter a thread, it shows on the left.

even if they archive, they show no longer show on the left but are still easy to find.


if you click on the TOP Thread post (Forum header) you can see all of the threads.

(just showing you the difference between -reply to your post directly)

Reply with quote, with just one section.

(curious about this one. this is both. using the Reply button, on your reply to main post, and quoted.

ha, it does both clock1230

if you click on your name on the RIGHT side of my repspone, it pops up the words i quoted.

oh, and the arrow, takes you to the TOP. (YES!) less scrolling lol. have to suggest a Down arrow as well. hm

Neat. If you sort by “Latest”, the “Up” arrow of a quote takes you down to the bottom of the page :joy: I think they should use something like a reply arrow or a quote symbol that would make sense for both sorting orders.

For me the up arrow (in either order) takes me to the Replied to message.

so maybe ‘up’ should be that …curve arrow instead.