Proposal for having Persian community

Hi ! I’m Ali and I’m a Persian investor and Leader

We have a lot of Persian investores for Fox

We can also attract more investors also as well if we build …

So here is my Full Proposal:

I’m experienced in various exchanges like hotbit, huobi, wbf, Finexca And Mexc

Also I’m the owner of the other channel by the name of :





Also Admin Of The :AERT_101


In addition to, there is another group by the name of :



and an advertising group too. ( I didn’t put @ because topic wont allow me ?

To add, other DeFies and projects have been activated before.

Additionally, I’ve been on the several DeFies like Opal and Peng on TRON network and other projects.

2705We can support 24/7 (seven days a week without closing and at any time) in Telegram

2705Exclusive translation of all announcements into Persian ( Fluently )

2705Making an educational video for all sections in Persian

2705 Translate all things in website to Persian and add a Persian laungage

2705Being in Crypto for More Than 4 years ( being Trader + Leader + Manager)

2705We Can Also Help in Marketing With the Friends We have And Know

Hi Ali,

We currently have a framework in place for how teams for new languages/cultures are launched. Please take a look at the GlobalFOX v2 framework and let me know if it is something you wish to pursue.

Yes that’s what I’m talking about 1f642

Hope this works out! lmk if this is getting setup (in discord)