Release thread for the week of 12/15

Week of 12/ 15 - 9 Releases - 47 commits, 1 environment test

Operational Notes:

The busiest weeks the DAO has had in terms of Commits/releases to date.

Removed WC and Ledger out of safety

Many many upstream issues required triage and additional cycles from stakeholders. :worried:

Many bug fixes.

Node issues have be a pain in everyone’s ass and are still unresolved.


What changed this week Dec 15

Let’s goooooo, two big boi features in one week:

  • Lending been working on this for a long time and it’s finally here. yay!
  • Long tail aggregation via Uniswap v3. We even improved the pricing. Next up is a spike on this to see where it becomes most useful (multi-hop or a new super secret thing we …mentioned last week).

Also worth mentioning the herculean Wallet refactor (mostly fixing the way we handle Metamask notification handling to make things easier.).

AAAAAAANNNNND We removed ledger support plus wallet-connect and will keep them off until Aussie Monday. Security practices are a thing. Please keep your keys safe, and rotate them for sanity.

What’s up next 12/18

Put Walletconnect and ledger back on. We can do this now, but we want to be safe.

Scream at nodes until they behave nicely.

Product goals plus loose Roadmap visual for 2024.

specs in progress

  • @PTT coordinating User interviews for LP. If you are a user of the Thorchain LP’s we want to hear form you and give ya some FOX to look at our ideas.
  • MOAR bridges
  • Markets page


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