Release Thread for the Week of 3/21/24

Week of 3/21/24 - 11 Releases - 33 Commits - 2 Hotfixes

Operational Notes

Some overdue KeepKey bugs were able to make it into Prod this week thanks to Apotheosis. Fixes included: better passphrase handling for edgecase states and Arbitrum support on KeepKey.

Firebomb contributed to two releases this week with helpful improvements in page names and the reporting of MetaMask and the Mobile app on Android having broken connectivity.

Some slick mobile improvements have started and will continue over the next week or two.

Thorchain halted certain activity based around a fix from a responsible disclosure on 5/20 and recommended ShapeShift stop all activity until fixed. Thorchain Devs Trading Halted Thread

We turned off Thorchain with a Hotfix, which uncovered a series of issues with many of our other swappers and gas estimations we were receiving from 0x. Many releases were needed to address 0x, Cowswap, Thorchain, and LiFi (still down currently) and bring proper fixes to them. Production Issue ThreadFOX props to all involved in reporting, triaging, testing, and fixing the issues as they arose, 6 releases were shipped in 1 day in response.
Cosmos underwent some poorly announced upgrades and have derailed our nodes for Cosmos temporarily. Cosmos Upgrade Thread

Fast follow Thorchain LP work made it out the door to address UTXO LP deposits from Ledger assuring functionality for those hardware whales.

Operations had the first Operations Office Hour since 1/26/23 deep diving into bug reporting and testing processes. Check out the audio recording of the call.

SCP-173 is up for official vote.

0x, Cow and LiFi after THOR is disabled in Production^

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Product has been accompanying ops on testing, highlighting gaps in the speccing process as a result. We still need the BFM. Big – F-ing-- meeting, where we clear the backlog with purpose and engage everyone’s brain for two hours. This will suck, but we have to do it, somewhat often.

Nownodes has continually not surpassed expectations, but has limped along. This sucks because we would like to engage the Farcaster ecosystem and enable full memecoin fury for fun on Base. Hoping that we can ride that tide as it crests into real furious momentum.

Thorchain pain, blockchains man. It’s all in the name of improvements. Shout out Engineering for the epic releases this week and standing the app up after falling over.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 52/23 (2.26)

Other feature process:

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