Release Thread for the week of 12/22

Week of 12/ 22 - 6 Releases - 22 commits, 1 environment test

Operational Notes:

Operations has seen a large increase in support tickets relating to node reliability, Savers withdraw issues and unable to send funds due to miner fee/network traffic increase.

Spent a lot of time this week on Savers bug discovery and solutions for small value account users stuck in difficult/underwater positions.

Had some issues with communication and delays in final testing of multihop. Will be meeting with Eng and Ops to renew team agreements involving the release process and testing expectations.

FOX farming contract coming soon.
Big #foxprops to Oxean and Gomes this week for triage and time spent discovering/explaining all of the cascading fee/withdraw error messages surrounding savers this week.


What changed this week Dec 15 & Why

:kangaroo: Multihop is now out for applicable routes, a smoother cleaner UX for bridging and swapping in one flow. This lays the ground for integrating more things behind the scenes but a more purposeful asset moving experience.

:link: Put Walletconnect and ledger back on. We said we could so we did.

:floppy_disk: More warnings for savers going beyond protection when you don’t have enough funds. We wanted to make it clear that trying to withdraw would burn your balance. So we set up the messages/copy for that. Please don’y try clicking a button attempting to burn funds.

:white_check_mark: Confirmed Lending can connect to ledger, enjoy frens.

:tractor: TMDC voted, so we deployed a Farm for your Christmas. As soon as the funds are deployed the frontend is ready for FOX farms v8. Slotted for about the 27th, multisigs and chains willing, running for 4.5 months.

What’s up next 12/18


Next steps for long tail, one last math sanity double check when opening savers, unchained madness.

Working on Themes for product strategy, a lil look back, and how it syncs with goals moving into the new year.

specs in progress

N/A take a break y’all.

We made quite a few fixes this week and kicked off Thorchain LPs for infrastructure. Zerion keeps going up so at a point we’ll have to discuss strategy, fine for now.

We finally, finally, deployed protection via a serverless (protecting API keys that we getting spoofed)

Themes up, displayed in allfox, a fun meme “look folks…. demand”:

Specs in progress

Not only in progress but a revised board!

Other feature process: