Release Thread for the Week of 1/19/24

Week of 1/19/24 - 7 Releases - 35 commits 1 Ephemeral env test

Operational Notes:

There was some much needed attention to swapper error handling and error management from @Woody in 1.516.0 and 1.520.0. These PRs were Ops’s 1 Ephemeral env test this week. Quotes and reasons for quotes not being available, as well as swapper quote sorting are all much more accurate and a better UX, (which should lead to less support tickets!)

An issue occurred on Jan 14th where a user had a trade compromised by an MEV attack. The user has been compensated and Thorchain-Longtail trades were disabled in response. A COE meeting is scheduled for next week facilitated by 0xean.

Nice to have a bug fix addressed quickly in 1.519.0 related to broken ATOM trades. :pray:

Great to see quick responsiveness to more serious tickets in 1.518.0 and 1.521.0

We are building some epic pools behind flags


Two user tests for Thorchain LPs in the bag. Plumbing/infrastructure continues to rip through towards ready for flag testing. At a shocklingly quick rate. Shout out to the engineers + beardymon.

Memoless got it’s repo set up.

We fixed a pretty big gap where we got lucky on slippage vs. MEV, see ops notes above as they mentioned retro next week.

Reviewed multi-hop for marketing cross and next steps, we also shipped an upgrade for multi hop that allows for better labelling of why a route might not display. It’s pretty slick feeling poor.

specs progress

Labelled specs that need adjustment and revised fields on the board. Removed stale fields and general cleanup.

specs in progress

Other feature process:

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