Release Thread for the week of 2/9/24

Week of 2/9/24 - 5 Releases - 33 commits - 1 hotfix

Operational Notes:

Operations Renewal passed! We’ll keep doing what we do, thanks for the support!

Many improvements to Swapper were made throughout the week including the final removal of 1inch quotes. Quotes should load faster and async resulting in a faster better UX for trades (now including tool tips)

Woody was able to make some big changes and reduce our Zerion API consumption by ~50%

Still building Thorchain LP work behind a flag as a majority of the work being done.

1 hotfix was needed to address Ledger connectivity that got broken in 1.535.0 and was not noticed/escalated for over 24 hours. Ops will not be doing a full COE for this issue but will have some updates around procedure testing changes that will be enacted as a follow up to the issue.


I finally pushed the PR for generalize feedback to ShapeShift. If users don’t want a feature but just want to share is in there now. Yay. On that note, our canny has lots of issues that are stale, but they aren’t getting traction outside of core community. We see them and one day they will get under the right theme.

We discovered that Zerion and some unfinished rendering logic has been creating unnecessary friction. A fix there will both save the DAO some funds and ideally improve asset picking logic.

We’re now rendering quotes outside of “best” in a little widget thingie. It’s pretty sweet to see the swappers compete for your best trades etc.

Dashboard work continues with two tools and a spec in progress for the finance stats we need to track.

If you vote we’d appreciate your thoughts/FOX on the budget ideation on snapshot

specs in progress

Other feature process:

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