Release thread for the week of 5/24/24

Week of 5/24/24 - 4 Releases - 26 Commits

Operational Notes

Multi account is still being worked on behind a flag. BASE network support has joined the behind a flag new feature set this week. These features should be coming soon after final touches and extensive Ops testing.

Engineering reactivity to reported bugs has continued to be quick and efficient.

Neomaking authored PRs in this weeks releases. has become a use everyday tool and will be a highlight of next week’s office hours.

BASE support coming :soon:



Had a nice check in about short term feature sets, those are already ticketed for their spikes. There’s quite a few exciting directions we could take that won’t be an enormous level of effort. Again, we’re trying to avoid a gigantic investment into a project, like the CEXy DEX or a different protocol, without the indication that we can create a lot of value for the time.

Another office hours in the can

Base support coming soon, guess what that mean? It means I get to be annoying about Transaction frames. The space for this on Farcaster is growing incredibly fast, wildly supportive of builders, and completely lacking in cross chain use cases. We own this channel, we own this expertise. Hopefully, the technical blockers aren’t too significant but the goal is simple: swap $DEGEN to $Bitcoin in a frame (ideally on mobile).


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 45/18 (2.81).
  • Some revisions here on the board and the ratio will go down soon, which means we’ll push to get ahead strategically.
  • Neo coming onboard means Beard and I can spend more time prototyping newer ideas.

Other feature process:

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