Release thread for the week of 6/7/24

Week of 6/7/24 - 5 Releases - 21 Commits

Operational Notes

BASE support and the Account Management feature finally made it into Production this week. FOX props to all of ENG for the hard work and clean code. Ops testing was very smooth and little issues were discovered in the final stages of testing.

rFOX work is getting deep in feature flag territory, not feature complete but testable if you know what to do. Lock up times for rFOX can take some time, so if you are interested in getting tests in, starting a position sooner than later.

Mobile improvements is the next major focus coming up as a major feature release candidate, Operations hopes to have this ready for release early next week.

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Base and multi account same day? Nice. Massive UX upgrade and a new chain as some folks head into a week of vacation.

Got spike on Farcaster frame done, a slight update to a possible GTM: do just L1 swaps in frame. The dream of Degen —> BTC is a ways off (multi-hop polling and states are tough to manage in a static box). For now we’ll shelve this to get through other priorities, but I got my eye on Warpcast soon enough.


Will own grooming and prioritization for next week, hoping to finish off some of the spikes we had and take their notes.

Continuing to work on a presentation articulating how all the product inputs synthesize into a pipeline. We retired alignment sync so an artifact will be helpful. Here is part of the breakdown:


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 42/13 (3.23)

Other feature process:

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