Release Thread for the week of 5/31/24

Week of 5/30/24 - 3 Releases - 23 Commits

Operational Notes

We are at the final stages of testing BASE support and Account management features behind flags. Check out account managment in wood and Base in Develop. Both should be making their way to production early next week.
rFOX will be the next feature coming down the tubes after account management and BASE.

Many simple bugs reported by Ops and product are fixed same/next day. big FOX props to the engineering team for reactive fixes and help in triaging issues.

Due to our work with nownodes, the Foundation was able to completely remove it’s AWS usage.

Neomaking added to Codeowners and blessed with his own env: neo

Operations is back to full force and still lagging a bit in response time to support and release testing, it may be time to consider resourcing the team a little more to assure Ops is not a blocker or detriment to bug reporting, support, or releases.




Hung out with 9realms this morning and got a alignment sync on the books. On top of that we’re ahead of their next features since they took about 3.5 months to truly harden the protocol. Limit orders will be good to queue up once they’re out in the wild and safely working with trade accounts. Trade accounts will continue the trajectory of a CEXy DEX experience, especially arbs, better experience for arbs means less slippage for all. Also, the router gets upgraded soon which means we unblock gnosis apps and experience things since we can serve that market well. Winning.

For June we have differentiation features that will be helpful for teeing up the next Valhalla sprint. THORFi summer, pass it on.


Working on a presentation to share how all the product inputs synthesize into a pipeline. How prioritization works, sharing how to contribute, and just generally refreshing the resources simply. We are looking at retiring the alignment sync in the coming weeks since office hours can absorb the high level thinking, and ops sprint has all the cross functional updates we need.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 45/18 (2.81)
  • Some revisions here on the board and the ratio will go down soon, which means we’ll push to get ahead strategically.

Other feature process: