Release thread for the week of 6/14/24

Week of 6/14/24 - 6 Releases - 38 Commits

Operational Notes

With Base and Account management live in Prod, a few refactors and follow up prs were required to make sure the features provided all expected functionality. These are still new features and may have unexpected results in edge cases, if you or someone you know has run into problems in ShapeShift with Account management or BASE, please reach out to Ops or Product so we can assist, troubleshoot, recreate and fix any outstanding issues.

This week was node struggle bus with issues in NowNodes and Blockbook related to ATOM, BTC, Polygon, and Gnosis. Ops got some hands on lessons in escalations to the Now Nodes team. Node uptime, how to check if a node is down, and helpful api calls are all things slated for a future lunch and learn around node uptime and what DAO contributors can do if they see something.

Bugs related to foreign language numerical inputs with commas and periods have finally been addressed.

Operations is moving its focuses this next week to in depth mobile app testing and gearing up to rFOX testing soon after.

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Launching Base went well, per hpayne instruction got a big ole cast-storm out on warpcast. Already seeing some onramping and such, though it may just be testing. Vlad got reporting on mixpanel to see some/soft metrics.

We should take a moment to appreciate that we had 5 people out this week and nothing was a dumpster fire. Some hiccups, but it’s much better than a screaming pile of hot mess.

See Tyler’s notes on Nownodes falling over. We got a few fixes out to resolve a few issues.


rFOX dominated time this week and had quite a few spikes of it’s own. From data management and Flipside to the dashboard. Also took some time to write up a proper FAQ, so rFOX has the most robust answers we can think of. We’re super close to ops testing formally, instead of smoke testing and refactoring. Neo continues to crush through and gain sufficiency in the codebase. Shout out of the week to Neo.

Sadly, didn’t’ progress much on the process artifact but since office hours are next week, it’s crunch time.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 42/13 (3.23)

Other feature process:

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