Release thread for the week of 6/28/24

Week of 6/28/24 - 8 Releases - 39 Commits

Operational Notes

rFOX has finally gone live in production! Shout out to everyone involved from ideation through to the release! The Dashboard is something that will launch live when the rewards start, till then all data is dummy til we are live.

Many follow ups and last minute tweaks and changes to copy and flow regarding rFOX will be rolling out this week and the next few.
Arb bridge as an active route coming to ShapeShift soon.

The treasury address for BASE has been added to the list of Treasury addresses.

2 hotfixes were required this week, 1 for UTXO validation in TC actions, one related to the resync of midgard that affected TC pool availability and TX savers APY%s. We have gotten midgard fully resynced in dev and prod.

Arkeo routes in the app have been removed.

lots of QOL code improvements and removed unused code.



rFOX lives, well at least the staking part does. We figured yeeting this and smoothing edges would be a good “test in prod” scenario. Glad we did because some feedback came in and as a result the dashboard goes live in the next few days with clearer metrics. We also fixed more maths and decided that the ARB bridge gets to graduate. Next week we’ll slot that bad boi in to grooming. :bridge_at_night: our first native EVM bridge :smiling_face_with_tear:

Got RUNE pool specced mocks on the way. We should be able to groom that once merge is live on the TC side. Keeping parity up. “It’s just the RUNE savers vault” is the best way to think about it.

Oh, and TC just unblocked Gnosis safes and whitelisted addresses. southparkRandycookingshow.gif


Updated the spec in backlog a bit and merged some together. Most of our work is aligning with TC parity and we’ve got a good rapport going with thier new features.

Mostly gave process brain to DFC this week, helping smooth out the memo, reporting, and display of operations. Additionally, the testing of DFC has opened up so many of the gaps that signers and DFC have that we just might get a full operational playbook out of this. DAO ops FTW.


In progress

  • Spec Ratio is at: 41/13 (3.15)

Other feature process: