Request: "This Week in Shapeshift DAO" -style weekly recap podcast/video series

Quick Summary: I would personally benefit a lot from a weekly podcast that recaps what’s new/developing in Shapeshift. Does one exist? If not, can someone more plugged into the DAO help me escalate the request?

Long Form:

Hello, I just joined the forum. I’ve been a fan (and pre-KYC days user) of ShapeShift for ages. Hearing Erik Vorhees on Unchained Podcast w/ Laura Shin on the decentralization transition was the pivotal event in my mind to go switch from thinking “DAOs are fun, but probably in a fun/toy phase” to “DAOs are a real-world economic/governmental phenomenon”. 1f609

However, I haven’t yet participated in ShapeShift DAO until this moment. Where I’m coming from is supportive but heavily time-constrained. What would really help me engage better with the decentralized community is a weekly podcast summary of what’s new and what’s happening (video that’s consumable via audio only while I drive works too). This would provide a baseline for me to stay in touch, and then if I heard about the right kind of development which had the right timing for my personal life, I could then lean in.

As it stands, without this kind of weekly pulse, I don’t feel like I have enough time to track what’s developing in the DAO or how/where I might plug in.

Also, a media tangent: mailing lists don’t work for me, since they show up in the worst possible place to compete for my attention: my inbox. I forget to check blogs. I don’t use RSS. Tweets can be useful because there’s some chance I’ll see them, but I wouldn’t be consistent. Podcasts are the most consistent and reliable format for me to stay on top of something.

If this already exists, I recommend linking it in

  • ShapeShift to Decentralize Entire Company
  • If it does not exist, I’m not sure what next step to take. How could we get to a proposal from one or more production teams that needed funding for this? Is there some “request-for-proposal” or “feature request” or “wishlist” flow? If so, I could spend about an hour to refine this post into that workstream.

PS, a bit about me and my interest in ShapeShift DAO: My career is focused on Zcash. I work at Electric Coin Company. I’m firmly of the belief that the (imminent) future is multi-chain, multi-protocol, multi-asset, all woven together with DAOs and other decentralized cooperation tech. Shapeshift DAO sounds like it captures a lot of those same world-views, and it’s the first DAO-like project I’ve decided to spend some time sussing out. Also, it certainly tipped me over the edge when Erik donated to a Zcash<->Thorchain integration grant, and I want to lean in on cross-community love and mutual interest development. 1f609

Hello! I’ve had similar desires and intention to do something like this. I currently post the weekly community call highlights to Boardroom but feel strongly that audio interviews with proposal writers would be a great addition. Would you be open to having a call to discuss further? I’m unable to find you in the Shapeshift Discord server so please send me a friend request if you’re open to talk. - 0xJustice#6213

This has been discussed in the past and a video content budget already exists! I’d love to see this happen.

Let’s find a time this coming week to link up and discuss what you would think this looks like.

i was waiting to comment as we were organizing this - but we are full speed ahead on this.

is creating newsletters - now being shared in the DAO News Room section of this forum - and we will have video content coming from exceptionally soon!