LatAm Report: Community Calls and ETH Rio

February was a busy month with a lot of progress at Latam. With a solid foundation in place, our work has led us to an even greater contact with the community: we promote meetings twice a month in Portuguese and Spanish, completing a 4 monthly meetings agenda.

In addition to our public KPIs (check here) which are pretty focused on content flow, roadmap and bounties, this report talks about two specific major events that are taking place: Community Calls and ETH Rio.

We will also post reports containing weekly and monthly insights throughout this week, so stay with us and let’s go together!

LatAm Community Calls

Defined in a calendar, contributors can meet and speak in their language, Portuguese and Spanish. We have experienced large groups on both calls, topics discussed range from SSDAO governance to deep defi talks among latam contributors with an Educational bias.

In addition to good engagement rates, we distribute poaps and tips among the participants

We are placing these events on DAO’s Discord calendar during the preparation (a few days before)

Poaps artwork: Rohekbenitez


The presence of SSDAO collaborators at ETH Rio is a result of a collective effort at Growth WS, funding this action with its bounty funds. With leardership support , and are ready to land in ETH Rio. Brazilian contributors can easily engage in the event and already have networking in place aiming spread DAO’s word on ETH Rio, so we can see ETH Rio incursion as a mission: in order to recognize territory, networking and business.

LatAm have prepared some special features to mark its presence, theres a mintable physical card on the way and some local merch ideas.

Each physical card will contain a QR code which people can scan and mint an special POAP.

POAP artwork: LPX, POAP assembly: joao, vlad

ETH Rio takes place on Museum of Tomorrow, an historical building and will run from March 12 to March 18, hosting free-entry exhibits plus a two-day main event.

Learn more about Museum of Tomorrow here

We’ll get full coverage of the event and post it on community channels. Wait for the next reports to know more ETH Rio or follow our twitter for quick event updates.

Kind regards,

~~ thesmith