Release thread for the week of 2/2/24

[Ops post]What went out this week

Week of 2/2/24 - 4 Releases - 14 commits - 1 Ephemeral Environment test

Operational Notes:

First bi weekly lunch and learn was held, s/o to Gomes for deep diving on the Thorchain LP work. Operations was able to ask questions about edge cases and create a few extra tickets. This was less of a lunch and learn and more of an Operational Edging Session. Look out for more of those to be aligned outside of future Lunch and Learns related to each new feature we release.

If not understood from the last few weeks and the Lunch and Learn, we are getting close to testable with Thorchain LPs and will have a lot of features and edgecases to check, but could have a feature live soon.

Swapper quote bugs were found and escalated, a fix was pushed to an ephemeral environment, but were not able to be pushed on a Friday.

Stoked on the speed and collaboration to get the Uniswap grant completed in time. :pray:

Go vote for Operations if you’d like to see us continue with these updates and more.



Awesome chitty chat with the 9realms team this week. We’re mostly ahead of them and blocked upstream but confident that the features they are working on will be high quality.

As a result we got the prototypes for limit orders up and demo-d at office hours. If you have any degen friends out there making limit orders feel free to hit us for recommend. And no, not the farcaster $degens, though that’s fun too.

We put in a grant for this RFP at Uniswap foundation. It ate up a bunch of time but it was for sure worth a shot.

Also, as always, the swapper work is underrated this week but there is a huge amount of polish coming to the experience of quoting, providers, and streamlining execution. Main thing is now when you’re curious you get a slick page where the quotes refresh and they battle for your order. Huge shoutout to @woody and @reallybeard @Apotheosis

Flipside dash made it’s transparency milestone and @ProfMcCarthy officially took over scope. Data jams have been fun but product is here to assist TMDC not the other way around. Here is a nice screenshot of January for the queries we know are functioning well.

specs in progress

Other feature process: