Release Thread for the Week of 1/26/24

Week of 1/26/24 - 4 Releases - 19 commits

Operational Notes:
COE this week- Really great meeting facilitated by 0xean with plenty of follow up action items for Operations and Engineering related to process, testing, education, and communication. Be on the look out for monthly lunch and learns with Eng/Ops coming to a DAO calendar near you.
Ledger Cosmos support had initial issues in testing and was backed out of 1.524 but then addressed and pushed to prod in 1.526. Cosmos on Ledger in now live in ShapeShift!
A bug ticket was quickly escalated and resolved in 1.525.0. :pray:
We are continuing to build some epic pools behind flags.



Do you guys remember 2017 when you could import your seed different places? Well @gomes made that possible. Woo for feature debt cleanup.

Like Tyler said, a huge shout out to 0xean for making us all more amazonian and producing a great artifact.

We’re talking to people more who use our platform. Hitting goals :feelsgoodman: .

Multi hop swapper goodness going to a Musk chat near your, get your xexting fingers ready for a twitter space tuesday where I attempt to speak cogently.

specs board

Labelled specs by types, added a number of spikes column with a progress donut dividing by 3. We can see in completed specs now that between 3-6 is average number of getting a feature refined enough for hand off. more work to do though.

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 1.43.26 PM

  • Finally had the hour to split the TC any<>any spec into it’s completed MVP and it’s next milestones. We’re waiting on data reports on the routes which is in progress
  • Also forked the FOX jobs to be done page vs just the discount similation modal, with the governance attention to FOX utility ( [Ideation] SCP-166 ThorFOX, a FOX tokenomics upgrade proposal - #18 by jonisjon ) this will be a great page for adjusting and then launching at some point.
  • Broke up a couple pieces into mini specs.

specs in progress

Other feature process: