Idea to Ship -- A process

Release process blurb [ops & product]

Releases are the final point of cross workstream alignment for our product. The mental model is “left to right” and what that means is the left is the product’s responsibility, the middle and most of right engineering, the full right is ops. Once released it’s the community & FOX holders. Here is an excalidraw of responsibilities to help visualize this:

For ops:

For engineering:
we’re aiming towards collaboration onthis board

ShapeShift Dashboard • shapeshift

making it a much more reliable as a source of truth.

Here is how product thinks about this full feature pipeline from our notion.. Breaking down the statuses, verbs, and acknowledging that specs are a imperfect process.

Release threads like

are a first attempt at a weekly update with learnings from testing. We will work cross functionally, improving with each iteration moving forward.