Release thread for the week of 7/5/24

Week of 7/5/24 - 4 Releases - 15 Commits

Operational Notes

This week was. definitely a change of pace compared to weeks past with most work going into rFOX fast follow cleanup work around the dashboard and a decrease in releases and commits by >50%.

US contributors observed the American holiday.

Good rFOX discussions going on here, add your voice and votes to the newly proposed upgrades to rFOX: [RFC] Strategic Upgrade for RFOX Tokenomics: KPIs for RFOX & Thoughts on LP-RFOX

The LiFi SDK bump should resolve any outstanding issues users were experiencing with LiFi trade errors. - L2E Bifrost School is live!

$1.38M FOX staked in the rFOX contract as of 7/5/24, Apes are aping.

Keep on the lookout for another Operations Workstream renewal before the next Governance call.