Release Thread for the Weeks of 12/1 and 12/8

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Week of 12/ 1 - 6 Releases - 28 commits, 1 environment test

-1.484.0. - 5 commits
- minor bug fixes ATOM fees, AVAX explorer link, Savers
- Feature Flag work -Multi hop

  • 1.485.0 - 1 commit
    - Disable LiFi -Bug discovered related to fees
  • 1.486.0 - 16 commits
    - disable thor features for smart contract wallets - Bug resolution
    - minor bug fixes - detect evm account spam
    - Feature work behind flags - lending, multi hop
  • 1.487.0 - 2 commits
    - FOX discounts wire up
    - Feature work behind a flag - Multi Hop
  • 1.488.0 - 2 Commits
    - FOX discounts
    - Feature work behind a flag - Lending
  • 1.489.0 - 2 Commits
    - Snapshot improvements to FOX Discounts
  • Ephemeral Environment testing

Operational Notes:
2 bug(s) found in prod during release testing.
Disabling LiFi was a decision made to resolve an issue related to LiFi trades asking for gas plus balance when a user attempted full balance trades resulting in a transaction for more than the current balance a user had for the trade.
The smart contract check for Thor features was implemented after a feature error edgecase involving Wallet Connect, Gnosis Safe and Thor functionality whitelist.
Much of the FOX discount work was written by @0xdef1cafe, a parting gift.
A lot of this weeks work was done behind feature flags allowing Operations to test outside of the release process. Ongoing testing threads in tandem with feature work behind flags has allowed for expedited bug reporting outside the the regular release and ticketing process.

Week of 12/ 8 - Releases - 35 commits

  • 1.490.0 - 4 commits
    - Thor Savers bug fixes
    - Feature work behind a flag - Multi hop
    - LiFi re-enabled
  • 1.491.0 - 6 commits
    - Performance improvements
    - Thor swapper improvements
    - FOX discount copy update
    - Feature work behind flags - Multi hop, Lending
  • 1.492.0 - 10 commits
    - Removing unused packages
    - Removing AVAX for KK users (KK does not support AVAX)
    - Feature work behind flags - Lending
    - Navbar clean up:
    - Removes the YAT call out
    - Moves Arkeo link down by settings
    - Moves all the main features into a featured category
    - Removes the route for the dapps section
  • 1.493.0 - 7 commits
    - Translations
    - Remove FOXy rebase history
    - Performance improvements
    - Feature work behind flags - Lending
    - Mobile Navbar updates
  • 1.494.0 - 8 commits
    - Add missing banxa assets
    - Feature work behind flags - Lending, Multi hop
    - FOXy apy update (sad Tokemak)
    - Dashboard wallet balance ≠ Earn balance
    - Performance improvements

Operational Notes:
2 bug(s) found in prod during release testing.
Shout out to Kevin for helping Ops navigate network calls for identification of Thorchain quote responses
Testing went reasonable smooth this week with little bugs found during the release.
Paranoia checking smart contract functionality does not work with longtail to Thor trades (feature flag)

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What changed this week Dec 8

As per the goals post from product, we’ve been just building for three years without ever asking “why?” and more importantly “what is the maintenance burden.” With each release we will look at the features coming out that have been tested thanks to @Tyler_ShapeShift and then product will round out the thread with what & why things changed, and what’s coming.

Obviously the highlight was finally shipping FOX discounts, alongside much needed swapper, dashboard, and wallet improvements. Governance was anticipating SCP 153 implementation since September. On the heels of performance improvements from October, continuing towards a stable swapping experience is critical.

On the executioners block this week:

  • Idle finance on Defi section.
    • You can still see your position on your overview, and manage withdrawals on the main frontend for Idle.
    • This feature required significant lift and never took off. On top of that the upstream APY endpoints never got fixed, despite numerous requests. Engineers time is better spent elsewhere.
  • We made some side real estate from callouts that were quite large. These callouts didn’t generate significant traffic. Streamlining the app is essential.
    • Arkeo was big and central, now it’s on the bottom left so it makes space for the new claim page they are building.
    • FOXy rebasing (node cost numbers went up, now they go down).
    • Yat callout, support is still on sends, but a primary slot is now free for a new promising partner/feature.

What’s coming Dec 11

High level:

features in flight

  • Last polish on lending, as ops noted.
  • Long tail thorchain trading via ERC 20 router => spiking into next steps with this
  • Killing off paper cut bugs (like min trade size calculations, swapper performance issues, node management etc.)
  • Multi-hop
  • Find the scheduled tickets on the github project

specs in progress

  • Thorchain LPs (all of the experience)
  • Memoless 2024
  • Roadmap sheet here. <== this is a high level percolator of ideas so we can focus week on week. It is a living document.
  • Monday we will revamp the roadmap calls to leave the majority for engineering ticketing. The beginning of the call will focus on ops, marketing, and product update.
    • If you came to office hours on Dec 7 this update be repetitive. Apologies in advance.
  • Other feature specs: