FOX Governance Process

This document is a suggested process for developing and advancing ShapeShift Community Proposals. It is a living document intended to be owned, modified and enforced by the overall community. The FOX Governance process was last updated on March 28, 2024 in accordance with SCP-156, SCP-155, SCP-151, SCP-136. SCP-132, SCP-101, and SCP-97.

Governance process tl;dr

1. RFC (Request for Comment) - optional, but recommended: Post your idea in the relevant Workstream on the forum to obtain feedback from the community, and drop a link in the #governance channel in Discord to spread awareness.

2. Ideation - 7 day minimum: Post a draft proposal using this template in Proposal Discussion on the forum and Ideation SnapShot Space, and link to the forum post from the SnapShot proposal. Proposals may continue to be refined based on community feedback during this stage.

3. Voting - 5 day minimum, 60 day maximum: After at least 7 days in Ideation, if a draft proposal has more upvotes than downvotes, it can be published on SnapShot for official vote.

Detailed process:

1. RFC (Request for Comment):

  • This step is optional, but recommended
  • Post your idea on in a relevant category
  • No specific format required
  • Consider linking to the forum discussion in the #governance channel in Discord

2. Ideation:

  • Post your draft proposal inthe Proposal discussion category of the forum, and include [Ideation] in the title
  • In your Ideation forum post, include a link to the corresponding RFC forum post if one exists
  • Post your draft proposal to the Ideation SnapShot Space following instructions found here, and include [Ideation] in the title
  • In your Ideation post on SnapShot, include a link to the Ideation post on the forum
  • Address must hold 50,000 FOX to post a proposal on SnapShot
  • ShapeShift Community Proposal (SCP) format or Workstream Proposal format
    must be used
  • SCP number must be included in title (SCP # should be 1 greater than the most recent SCP posted in Proposal Discussion
  • Vote must include three choices:
  1. For/Yes
  2. For/Yes with amendments/changes
  3. Against/No
  • Timeline: 7 days minimum
  • Voting power is calculated using the strategies defined on SnapShot, explained in FOX Voting Power
  • Proposal may move forward if the majority votes in favor when voting closes

3. Voting:

  • Post your finalized proposal to SnapShot following instructions found here
  • Address must hold 50,000 FOX to create a proposal
  • Voting power is calculated using the strategies defined on SnapShot, explained in FOX Voting Power
  • Correct SCP # is included in the title
  • ShapeShift Community Proposal (SCP) format or Workstream Proposal format
    must be used
  • Link to the Ideation SnapShot vote and forum discussion are included
  • For proposals over 6400 characters (the current SnapShot limit), upload to IPFS (you can use and include link to IPFS pin.
  • Timeline: 5 day minimum, 60 day maximum

Ratifying proposals

Voting is powered by Snapshot. SnapShot enables foxes to vote on proposals by signing messages (free) rather than sending transactions (costly).

ShapeShift DAO currently practices Liquid Democracy, which means voting power is based on FOX held in wallets (or certain defi contracts) as well as FOX delegated to the address used to vote. 1 FOX = 1 vote, as described in FOX Voting Power.

Quorum: A minimum of 4,000,000 FOX must participate in the vote for it to be considered ratified.

Soft Quorum: For votes that do not reach Quorum, assume that 70% of the votes necessary to achieve quorum would be against the proposal. If this would still result in a majority of votes being in favor of the proposal, the proposal can be considered passed. See Soft Quorum Calculator

Other items of note

  • Any proposals not following governance process will be removed.
  • All meaningful governance discussion should take place on this forum to ensure the community has full transparency.
  • As FOX continues to expand across DeFi and across chains, the SnapShot voting strategy will be updated to grant 1 vote for 1 FOX wherever feasible.
  • Remember, this is a living document. If there’s anything you want to add or anything that’s unclear, please suggest it below or make an addendum proposal!

Superseding Proposals

In order to supersede a past decision made by governance, the superseding proposal must explicitly state the name, the SCP#, and the portions of the proposal it supersedes.

Example: “This proposal supersedes [SCP-ABC] in its entirety.”


“This proposal supersedes the budget section in [SCP-XYZ] and replaces it with the following”


If passed, this amendment will apply to all past and future proposals until it’s explicitly superseded.

Conflicting Votes

Conflicting proposals are proposals that are active at the same time and address the same issue or are mutually exclusive.

In the case of a conflicting proposal, the Ideation phase can also serve as time for anyone to post their preferred alternative option on the forum. For the Conflicting Proposals process to apply, counter proposals must be published in Proposal Discussion before the Ideation phase of the original proposal concludes, and should include “[Counter Proposal to SCP-X]” where X is the corresponding SCP#. To avoid delays in the governance process, any counter proposal that follows the format requirements of Ideation and is published before the conclusion of the original proposal must be included as a voting option when the Original proposal is put up for final vote.

Proposal Execution

If your proposal requires transaction(s) to be executed from the DAO’s treasury, there are currently two options available:

Manual Multisig Execution

  1. To request for your transactions executed by the DAO’s multisig, post a message in the #Treasury channel in Discord with the following details:
    • Desired date of execution
    • Type of transaction to be executed (transfer or contract interaction)
    • If transfer: amount, asset, recipient (ie. 1000, FOX, vitalik.eth)
    • If contract interaction: contract to interact with, call, and inputs (ie. eth:0xE2aE37B8077CD3BC7ef1C6580f6dc93673078A01 (Olympus Bond Treasury), withdraw, _token(address): eth:0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48, _destination(address): eth:0x90A48D5CF7343B08dA12E067680B4C6dbfE551Be, _amount(uint256): 830168207423)

If you need help figuring out the details of the transaction(s) necessary to execute in order to enact your proposal, feel free to post a question in the #Treasury channel.

Automatic oSnap Execution: Community members can execute transactions for passed proposals autonomously by bundling transactions with proposals and by bonding 100,000 FOX tokens for 48 hours to DAO Treasury’s oSnap module.

To execute transactions via oSnap, follow these instructions:

  1. When creating a proposal on SnapShot, follow the instructions to include each transaction to be executed

  2. Once a proposal including transactions has passed with Quorum, a button will appear on SnapShot to “Click to request proposal execution.” Click this and follow the instructions to approve and bond 100,000 FOX Tokens for 48 hours.

  3. After the 48 hour challenge period has ended, the button on SnapShot will update to “Execute transaction batch.” Click to execute the transaction batch and to return the 100,000 FOX bond to the proposer.

Learn more about oSnap


Excellent, thanks for laying this out Willy! Look forward to contributing to governance via this process with everyone else!

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discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-zsozg2.png willy:

Operations: Managing and optimizing ShapeShift’s operational processes.

I don’t see an Operations workstream in the main forum, but I see it is listed here. Is this something that still needs to be officially proposed to be added as a workstream?

Whoopsies, I think I just forgot to create the workstream for this 1f605 I’ll add it now and please feel free to define it

Here you are ser Operations - ShapeShift DAO

Nifty Soft Quorum calculator: Soft quorum calculator - Google Sheets

Plug in votes for and against to see if a proposal will pass under Soft Quorum.

1f1e7-1f1f7 PT-BR

Este documento é um processo sugerido para desenvolver e avançar as Propostas da Comunidade ShapeShift.

É um documento vivo destinado a ser de propriedade, modificado e aplicado pela comunidade em geral. O processo de Governança da FOX foi atualizado pela última vez em 14 de março de 2022 de acordo com [SCP-97]

Processo de governança


1. Incubação - mínimo de 3 dias: Publique sua ideia no fórum de uma workstream relevante para sua idéia para obter feedback da comunidade e envie um link no canal #incubation no Discord para espalhar a conscientização. Nenhum modelo específico é necessário.

2. Concepção - mínimo de 5 dias: Assim que a postagem de incubação estiver ativa no fórum por pelo menos 3 dias, publique um rascunho de proposta usando este modelo na Discussão de Propostas. Em seguida, crie uma votação no SnapShot com um link para o rascunho da proposta no fórum e comece o título com “[Ideação]”. As propostas podem continuar a ser refinadas com base no feedback da comunidade durante esta fase.

3. Votação - mínimo de 3 dias, máximo de 60 dias: Após pelo menos 5 dias de Ideação, se uma proposta preliminar tiver mais votos positivos do que negativos, ela poderá ser postada no SnapShot para votação oficial.

Processo detalhado:

  1. Incubação:
  • Publique sua ideia em
  • Poste na categoria apropriada (listada na parte inferior desta proposta)
  • Nenhum formato especĂ­fico necessário
  • Considere postar um link para a discussĂŁo do fĂłrum no canal #incubation no Discord
  • A intenção Ă© envolver a comunidade
  • Cronograma: 3 dias/72 horas
  • Nenhum outro requisito para passar para Concepção
  1. Concepção:
  • Postar um rascunho de proposta na categoria de discussĂŁo da proposta
  • Incluir link para a postagem de incubação
  • O formato de proposta da comunidade ShapeShift (SCP) ou o formato de proposta de WorkStream deve ser usado
  • O nĂşmero SCP deve ser incluĂ­do no tĂ­tulo (SCP # deve ser 1 maior que o SCP mais recente postado na DiscussĂŁo da Proposta
  • Crie uma proposta no SnapShot com link para a postagem do fĂłrum e comece o tĂ­tulo com “[Ideation]”
  • O endereço deve conter 100 FOX para criar uma proposta.
  • Deve incluir trĂŞs opções:
  • Sim sem emendas/alterações
  • Sim com emendas/alterações
  • Contra/NĂŁo

Cronograma: mĂ­nimo de 5 dias

O poder de voto é calculado usando as estratégias definidas no SnapShot, explicadas aqui

Proposta pode avançar se a maioria votar a favor no encerramento da votação

  1. Votação:
  • Publique sua proposta finalizada no SnapShot seguindo as instruções encontradas aqui. Como alternativa, vocĂŞ pode usar o Boardroom, que Ă© outra interface do SnapShot.
  • O endereço deve conter 100 FOX para criar uma proposta.
  • A votação está disponĂ­vel em Snapshot e Boardroom
  • O poder de voto Ă© calculado usando as estratĂ©gias definidas no SnapShot, explicadas aqui SCP#97
  • O formato de proposta da comunidade ShapeShift (SCP) ou o formato de proposta de fluxo de trabalho deve ser usado
  • Links para as postagens de Incubação e Concepção devem ser incluĂ­dos
  • Para propostas com mais de 6.400 caracteres (o limite atual do SnapShot), use e inclua o link para o pin IPFS.
  • Cronograma: mĂ­nimo de 3 dias, máximo de 60 dias

Ratificando propostas

O SnapShot e o Boardroom permitem que as raposas votem em propostas assinando mensagens (grátis) em vez de enviar transações (caro).

O ShapeShift DAO atualmente pratica a Liquid Democracy, o que significa que o poder de voto é baseado na FOX mantida em carteiras (ou certos pools de liquidez), bem como na FOX delegada ao endereço usado para votar.

1 FOX = 1 voto

Quorum: Um mínimo de 4.000.000 FOX deve participar da votação para que seja considerada ratificada.

Soft Quorum: Para votos que não atingem o Quorum, assuma que 70% dos votos necessários para atingir o quorum seriam contra a proposta. Se isso ainda resultar em uma maioria de votos a favor da proposta, a proposta pode ser considerada aprovada. Consulte Calculadora de Quórum Soft

Outros itens de nota

  • Quaisquer propostas que nĂŁo sigam o processo de governança serĂŁo removidas.
  • Todas as discussões significativas sobre governança devem ocorrer neste fĂłrum para garantir que a comunidade tenha total transparĂŞncia.
  • Ă€ medida que a FOX continua a se expandir no DeFi e nas cadeias, a estratĂ©gia de votação do SnapShot será atualizada para conceder 1 voto para 1 FOX sempre que possĂ­vel.
  • Lembre-se, este Ă© um documento vivo. Se houver algo que vocĂŞ queira adicionar ou algo que nĂŁo esteja claro, sugira abaixo ou faça uma proposta de adendo!

Votos conflitantes

De tempos em tempos pode haver propostas conflitantes. Para evitar problemas, a fase de Concepção também pode servir como tempo para qualquer pessoa listar sua opção alternativa preferida no fórum. Cada proposta sobre um tema associado terá um bloco [TOPIC] colocado em seu título.

Após esse período, uma proposta formal será apresentada incluindo todas as opções disponíveis para avançar com o apoio majoritário recebido na Ideação. Isso garantirá que todos tenham a capacidade de expor suas preferências, mantendo os prazos de decisão razoavelmente curtos.

nice project


It seems great.

May 20 2023, update to Ideation, using FORUM: gated (with weight based on snapshot)


I want to be eligible

nice project

Can we amend this process lightly? Changing step 2 to pulse checkwould be beneficial. I think many in the community have expressed confusion with the two statuses starting with [I] . I personally have made this error and think it would help a lot.

@0xFBL of course, just requires a proposal. Here a couple examples of past amendments to the gov process:

[SCP-60] - Proposal Addendum to Governance Process

[SCP-132] Amendment to the Conflicting Votes section of the FOX Governance Process

Fun facts: the name “Ideation” initially came from a feature that Boardroom created but was later sunset after the ShapeShift community’s usage of the feature triggered a bug related to storage capacity. The incubation stage was added a few months later in SCP-60.

Yep, was working of those for a SCP132 addendum. Cool history, wonder how boardroom is doing these days.

weird that you would say that. i just brought it up …this morning? and asked willy to check on something about it for me.

Odd timing indeed, one of our partners actually dropped a link to it yesterday. Pour one out.

Update needed to change ideation to Snapshot Subspace
( Subspace Ideation )

Last official was Oct 2023.
(do we need to add the subspace as a directive?)